Colfax FAQ

Colfax FAQ

Q. What are The 1up – Colfax’s hours of operation?

Monday – Sunday 3:00 pm – 1:30 am LAST CALL
We are closed THANKSGIVING DAY 2021,

Q. Is The 1up – Colfax 21 and over?

Minors are not allowed; 21+ only.

Q. What type of identification is needed to enter The 1up – Colfax

THE 1UP NO LONGER ACCEPTS VERTICAL or PAPER ID’S ACCEPTED FROM ANY STATE. We have been advised by the City of Denver – Department of Excise and License to no longer accept vertical ID’s. We suggest that you plan accordingly before arriving at either location. If you happen to have a vertical ID from another state which is valid, such as Arizona, California, Louisiana or Indiana, we suggest you bring a valid passport. Military Identification cards which are vertical on front and horizontal on back are accepted at both locations. We do not accept digital forms of identification.

Q. Do your games take quarters or tokens?

Our games can accept both quarters and tokens if you’re planning on bringing your own change

Q. What do the games cost to play?

Due to the recent coin shortage we have begun to convert our Lodo and Colfax locations to tokens. Our change machines dispense 4 tokens for each dollar (.25 cents each). Change machines accept $1’s, $2’s, $5’s, $10’s and $20 dollar bills.

You cannot exchange extra tokens for cash. Tokens are non-refundable and have no cash value. They are accepted at both Lodo and Colfax and we are working diligently to ensure our tokens work at the Greenwood location as well.
Most video games are set to 25 cents (1 token) per game (as they should be!!!). Our Skee-Ball lanes are also 25 cents (1 token) per game. Newer arcade games, basketball and shooters are .50 cents (2 tokens) per game. Pinball machines are $1.00 (4 tokens) per game. All games work by use of quarters and/or tokens.

Q. What is the 1up – Colfax’s credit card policy?

If you choose to open a tab at The 1up – Colfax you will be asked for your credit card and an ID. If you have a discrepancy with a tab, please email [email protected]

Q. Are gift cards available for purchase?

Yes. Gift cards can be purchased and redeemed at all 3 locations. Gift cards are not valid for gameplay. Gift cards can be used to purchase tokens (currently LODO and COLFAX only) in $20 (80 token) increments at the bar.

Q. Does The 1up – Colfax serve food?

We currently serve slices of pizza from Sliceworks! We also have a variety of chips and other snacks available for purchase. You are also more than welcome to have food delivered directly to our location. We ask that you refrain from ordering any outside beverages with your delivery as they are prohibited

Q. Does The 1up – Colfax have Happy Hour?

Happy hour is Monday-Friday 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm and all day Sunday.
Please click here for daily happy hour specials

Q. Is there a cover charge at The 1up – Colfax?


Q. What items are prohibited at The 1up – Colfax?

Outside alcohol, water bottles or beverages, controlled substances, backpacks or any other item, which may negatively impact other patrons.

Q. Does The 1up – Colfax have a Lost & Found?

If you’ve lost an item at The 1up – Colfax you must return to the location to see if it’s been found. Please do not call our office, email or message us on social media for lost items. Items will be held for 7 days.

Q. Can I book a private party, special event or rent the entire space at The 1up – Colfax?

We’d love to host your private party or corporate event for groups of 20 or more. All reservations must be made 48 hours in advance. The option to book the entire space for an event or party is available Sunday – Thursday only. We have been known to make special exceptions on Friday and Saturday’s. Our event coordinator can be reached at info [email protected]

Q. How do you select your games and can I request my favorite game?

There are certain games that are just classics and will never be rotated out such as Donkey Kong, Tron and Pac-Man. If there is a game that you would like to suggest, please email [email protected] . We love suggestions and do our best to accommodate.

Q. Do you buy, sell or rent games?

Due to the difficulty and risk involved in moving games we do not rent or loan games. We are always looking for games and if you have one collecting dust or are looking for one for your home please email us at [email protected]